Jewelry  Saving Lives

JSL was founded with the dream of empowering people to be able to buy the products they love while making a difference. We come from a retail background, and while working for retail corporations we quickly noticed some horrifying trends, and we wanted to be part of the solution, not the problem. We set out to fix these current issues in today's retail climate and create products that are affordable, sustainable, and help animals while still having exceptional quality. 


We design each piece with the vision of showing off the beauty of nature in minimalist designs. All pieces are handcrafted by us in Houston, TX. We then take 10% of the profits and donate them to help injured and abused animals. 

Here at JSL we believe that helping the environment is just as important as helping our animals. Because of this we try to implement sustainable measures in everything we do. All of our packing, including mailers, gift boxes, ribbon, and flyers are made from 100% recycled products with no chemical additives. We always make sure our materials are mined from responsible sustainable sources and come from local family and artisan companies instead of corporate giants.

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